My family has been using USAA for many years and have always bragged about the service that we have received and what a great company that they were to work with.  


The service with their auto insurance has been seemingly getting worse and worse lately, but I still believed that it was worth sticking it out with USAA.  I was recently rear-ended on the highway in stop and go traffic. (I stopped, and the guy behind me kept going at 40+MPH)  I was deemed to be not at fault and had my car and back fixed and assumed that life would go on.  I received a renewal notice a few days ago and noticed that the vehicle involved in this accident now has a 33% higher premium on it ($180 increase every 6 months).  I called and spoke with a representative who informed me that because of the accident I no longer qualified for the "Premier driver discount" and would not be eligible for it again until I have an accident free driving record for another 5 years.  He then told me that I was not being penalized for getting hit because I was not at fault, but tried to explain to me how I was just losing a discount and that was not at all the same thing.


At that kind of a price jump for something that "I am not getting penalized for", it certainly takes away from USAA's competitive price advantage and makes it a lot harder to brag about how great my insurance company is.



We're sorry to hear about your accident and hope that everyone involved is doing okay. We'd like to have a specialist review your situation and address your concerns about your policy. They can record your feedback and perform a policy review to make sure you're getting the best rate possible. Please share a few additional details using this link and we'll be in touch soon.