Ive been a member for about 12 years and have sokd usaa and their products to many friends and family. Today that stops. In 3 weeks I have had poor if existent customer service for an auto claim as well as a home owners claim. .. notice I dont use the word "member". I believe that is a convenient use if the english language. This is still a good company, but it is mot the same company I joined over a decade ago. It is surely less expensive, but know that you get the service you pay for. Where did you go usaa?


What exactly is poor customer service? 

I've been a member for over 25 years ( and I say member because USAA insurance is not an agency anyone can walk in off the street and buy coverage it requires a connection) and I've had a claim.  I wasn't delighted it wasn't resolved overnight, but I have to be realistic.  USAA has dependencis and have to get adjustors and in my case the driver that hit me and his insurance involved.   They have to wait for damage reports, investigative reports and the like.


Sure I wish it could be faster, but in my state the Insurance Commissioner won't even take a complaint before 30 days have elapsed since the claim was filed. 


If you could elaborate a bit more we would be better able to understand your complaint. 

I sing USAA's praises for service but that stopped today.  I have had the worst experience with an auto loan and USAA that i have ever had.  My interest rate changed since I had representatives that told me it had to be redone and the interest rate increased.  So, within the span of 5 hours you increase it by 5% or so and then tell me that you cannot change it?  The representative that told me she had me approved for a lower rate but didn't document what she told me so guess that never happened.  Really USAA-make it right and honor what you had on the loan rate before I had a representative redo everything for a second time in the same day!!!! 

I spent hour plus on the phone with reps yesterday-minutes of my life that I will never get back.



To give you some deatails about my 2 claims. About 3 weeks ago i used the roadside assistance through USAA to have my car towed to a mechanic for repair. Upon booking the tow truck i queried the representative about whether the service was being booked through USAA or a 3rd party company. I was assured this was a portion of the USAA company taking care of me. I was happy with that answer, however turned out not to be the truth. During the loading process my car was damaged due to an equipment issue on the tow truck. No big deal right (because I have USAA). Not the case. So i call USAA and talk to a claims representative, who goes through filling out 2 claims for me (1 for cosmetic damage, 1 for possible strucural damage). Took almost an hour, but i thought well this guy knows what he is talking aobut and is thorough... still good because it's USAA, i'm taken care of. Two days later when i talk to 1 of my adjustors he tells me, no you only need one claim for this, and he closes the 2nd claim. I call my first adjustor, only to not be able to reach him. That's ok, he's busy with all the damage to other customers vehicles. I call USAA and talk to another representative (adjustor), and she informs me that since it happend during the "roadside assitance" portion of my service that i needed to coordinate the claim with that portion of USAA (at this time, i'm beginning to get frustrated with this beyond inefficient process). So i ask her, "is this a part of USAA or is this another company that USAA contracts with to cover roadside assistance?" Sir, this is a division of USAA. Ok, so i'm now semi-confident this will get resolved. She transfers me, and i wait on hold for about 20 mins to talk to another representative that takes my info and assures me i will be contacted in 24 hours (this is the wednesday after my car was damaged). The following Tuesday i call USAA again, and am transfered to their Roadside Assistance Division, to be on hold for 30 minutes... I leave a stern voicemail (at this point i'm borderline livid), to try and get this process moving. Finally on thursday (12 days after my car was damaged) i talk to a rep, who tells me i need to take photos and have an estimate done to have the car repaired, and then send that info to them, they will then "determine whether they are liable for the damage". At this point i find out this is truthfully not a USAA company, and is in fact (as my first question stated) a contracted 3rd party company that handles some of USAA's roadside assistance. Yesterday (after a conversation with the manager of the company that damaged my car), i finally have approval to take my car in for repair (18 days after the damage occurred). I still do not know however if i'm going to have to pay for my own rental car during the repair. This is only the first instance of disappointment with service i have to mention....


Also, yesterday i find out that i have a leaky pipe under my sink that has been leaking into my basement. Mind you i'm working out of state, so my wife and 4 yr old son are alone to deal with this. My wife calls USAA to file a claim. They get a water mitigation team (mold prevention) team out to the house within a few hours to start the prevention. I'm happy with that (and thinking my auto issue was a fluke), then when the water mitigation team leaves, they advise my wife that they do not reccomend sleeping in the house due to the heaters and fans  being extremely loud. Logically that checks with my wife and i, so we call USAA and inquire about a possible hotel reimbursement on the belief if the team advises us that it's not a good idea to try and sleep inside the house while this is ongoing (for 2 to 5 days). The answer we get is "well the house is liveable, so we don't see a reason for you to need to stay in a hotel". Ok, i don't agree with that stance, especially since the motto is "we know what it means to serve". I even asked if there is an option i don't pay for in my policy (like the rental reimbursement for auto policies), only to be told no sir, this is "our policy". Alright, if we can't use our kitchen (or cook the food we have in our fridge) is there a reimbursement option until our kitchen is useable again? Yes sir there is (great i'm thinking, finally something to back up the motto). We will reimburse you for anything you spend over what your average weekly grocery bill is. Ours is $200 / week = $28.57 per day. Just save your receipts and then we will reimburse you. So, i've already filled up my fridge for the week with a vast majority of food i can't cook, and then i need to spend $28.57 per day on top of that before i'm eligible for reimbursement? Yes sir that is correct. 

This is the type of treatment i expect from other large companies i unfortunately deal with... AT&T, Comcast, Capital One. NOT USAA. This is not the company i joined in 2002. I have banking, a credit card, investments, insurance on 2 cars, 2 houses, and VPP insurance with USAA, and contemplated in December moving all my accounts to State Farm, in which i could have saved about $100 a month in premiums (with the same coverage), but i didn't because USAA knows what it means to serve...

I think you got some wrong answers along the way.   I didn't expect USAA to have a fleet of tow trucks, heck even AAA has vendors for towing.  If the tow truck company damaged my car I'd let them and USAA know it and expect a resolution in a week or so and if none was forthcoming I'd sue them. 


As to the water leak/mold problem it seems they're doing the right things.  You don't seem happy about food and lodging reimbursment, but that is what it is universally.  If you normally spend $400 for food and rent (or mortgage) a week they won't pay if you don't spend more than that outside your house.  You can't get enriched by insurance.  If you're forced to spend $500 then you would be reimbursed for the extra $100.   


Sure, that is a bit simplistic, but I think everyone will get the idea. 

I think that 727 misses the point....we all know that USAA doesn't own a tow truck, as Stroke mentioned he asked that very question and was given the wrong answer. Wrong answers and "that isn't our policy" seem to be the guiding principles of the new USAA. I just closed all of my property insurance policies (after 29 years) and am in the process of finding new Auto insurance. The investment accounts are next, followed by the banking accounts. USAA now officially sucks, and 727 will find that out soon enough. It's really kind of sad--and if any of those Service Members who I recommended this Company to are reading, I am so sorry that I led you down the wrong path!

Kiermarl, Thank you, and yes 727 missed the point. I have the faith ( although it is fleeting ) in usaa to take care of me, I would certainly not go directly into a lawsuit. All I ( and I assume most customers of USAA ) want is transparency in service, honesty, and good communication from a company ive trusted in protecting my family and I for so long. I do not expect that from our politicians, but I do from USAA.