We will be not be doing anymore banking with USAA!!! I find it absolutely rediculous that we must wait that long for our money to become available. NEVER have I dealt with a bank that makes you wait such an extended amount of time to access your money. We were planning on doing a lot more business with USAA, but after this we are done!!


It is all in the disclosures.  If you didn't read them to find out what the holds were what makes you think a new bank would be different. 


If you want the money fast deposit in person at the bank in San Antonio. 

If you're not in Texas then send it by FedEx to them.

They'll give you prepaid envelopes and you can mail it in.  I do that and I'm credited in two or three days even with mailing time. 

You can go to a UPS store and deposit it that way. 

You can use online or mobile deposit, that is the slowest way. 


The fastest way is with the hardcopy in the branch, or the hardcopy to the bank.  The slowest is with the electronic copy.  


It is simply a matter of security.   There are more risks with the deposit@mobile so the hold is longer. 


We've covered this a lot here, so if you search the forums you'll see many links to the funds availability policy. 

I live in Ohio, kinda hard to deposit in person! I HAVE dealt with other banks and NONE of them have ever held a paycheck for that long. And yes, I have even mailed them in. I can see 24-48 hours but 7-10 days is just unacceptable!! Security my butt, they already know everything about us, right down to our kids birthdates! We didn't have to open the account face to face but in order to cash our checks we have to go through this process??? Crazy!!! We will be closing the account!