USAA is slowly going down hill. I made a deposit and they were going to hold my funds for 10 days. This is insane when I have bills to pay and daily living to do. I once spoke highly of them  raving on Fac book about their services, wish I could take that back they are becoming just like coporate america. They are supose to help people and I'm not experiencing it. I will be looking for a new bank can't deal with this depositing my funds and being held to the same standard of those that have defrauded USSA. Deal with them how they need to be dealt with not your good customers.  SAD


We apologize for the inconvenience. Were you able to speak with someone about your situation? If you'd like us to take another look, please send a message here: Once we receive a few additional details, we'll have a specialist contact you to discuss.

Beware bigjul.


I have contacted USAA directly, multiple times and have gotten a different story for holds on every instance. 


The only information I have gleaned thus far is:


USAA will potentially hold your money without explaination for long periods of time-regardless of past verification of the payer and even when the funds have cleared the issuing bank. 


I hope you get the answers you are seeking AND fair and ethical treatment.