I just used your deposit via mobile phone app for the first time and I cannot express how much I appreciate this service! I joined USAA years ago, and didn't mind having to (at that time) mail in paper checks for deposit, then I stepped up to the convenient deposit at home (via scan) option, and now use the phone app...and it's just amazing. My non-military friends ask me "Don't you miss having a local bank?" and I reply...I bet your local bank can't offer all the quick, convenient services I get from USAA. When I tell them about the app - they agree...and say "I wish my bank had that!!" Many thanks USAA - and keep it up!!


I have used the mobile deposit app many times and thought it was fantastic. Today I tried to deposit a check, and the app would never accept my photo. It kept giving me an error message, saying the numbers at the bottom of the check could not be read. I must have tried to take that pic a dozen times...never worked. I have never had this problem before. I recently updated my iPhone software, as well as the USAA app. Help! What can I do to get this check accepted?