I thought making a desposit via money order or cashier's check would be ok, boy was I wrong. I made a deposit into may account on a Friday before noon. I check back on my account on Saturday to see if and when the funds would be available. I see they have placed a 7 day hold on a money order deposited at the ups tore becuasue there are no atm's to make deposits or branch locations in my area. I have several direct deposits going into my account and I'm being told that due to a over draft of 1dollar and some cents, and another for 3 dollars and some cents they are holding my deposit. How petty could you get at my previous bank I received a 5 dollar cusion and anything under that wasn't even counted negatively. Not to mention the two were spread over a 3 month period. So now I have to go back to my old bank becasue I can't have even the smallest amount over drafted in my account or all of my physical deposits will be held for 7 days. Every bank has their down falls but this is excessive and a redicilous reason to loose customers and money over.


They keep holding my deposits made by check from my work that I've been depositing checks from for 2 years and never had a problem...the only way now I can have my money not put on hold is going to the bank where check is from, cashing it, and then depositing cash at USAA. Fortunately I live where USAA bank is and have ATMs but its still a pain having to only deposit cash just so I have my money available. I feel your pain, its very frustrating. I've been with them for many years and only has this problem start a couple months ago.

USAA is the only bank I've used that does not put a hold on any of my deposits.  It appears having insufficient funds a few times, no matter how small, is the problem.

Indeed it's from having nsfs, but they won't admit that. They'll say it's a random gov't law. And when you deposit in an ATM it won't give you a warning about the hold. They keep holding my checks for TEN BUSINESS DAYS. If I've had nsfs, obviously I'm barely scraping by--I NEED that money. Wrong on so many levels. Finding another bank.

Banks upon which checks have been drawn are required by law to either pay or return them by midnight of the day next following the date of the deposit.  Present in this day and is made electronically by the bank to  which the check was deposited after business hours on the date of the deposit.  For most banks, the business  day ends at 2:00 p.m.   That means that a check deposited after that hour on Monday would be presented to the drawee bank on Tuesday and would need to be paid or returned by midnight on Wednesday.  The funds should accordingly be available on Thursday.  Five, seven and ten day holds on checks drawn on local banks are not the norm, and USAA is  benefiting by retaining interest earned on amount of your deposit, once collected by the applicable midnight deadline, until the date it decides to make the funds available to its depositor.

I deposited a money order from the post office in my account it was available that day then the following day it was put on hold ...... What makes me mad is if I would have taken that money out it would have put my account in negative then they say it's a cc regulation but cc regulation notices post office money orders as cash and should only be held if held for 2 days max......after this they loose my direct deposits I will find another bank.