I so appreciate USAA for their fast response and fine service they provide. Bought a car in Mississippi and the very next day left to visit my ailing mother in Michigan. Needless to say traveling in the early morn to avoid traffic, I found myself in a State Forest area in lower Illinois when a large deer decided to take out the front end of my vehicle. There I was in the middle of no where, pitch dark, no traffic, but under a mile marker. After calling 911, I called USAA and within 45 minutes they had a tow truck to my side and had lined up a place to drop me and contacted a rental car service 40 miles away to come and pick me up. The representative for USAA went above and beyond keeping me calm, making what could have been a very strenuous situation completely workable. I was able to continue my trip and since returning home, USAA has walked me all the way through the process to completion. Great Service, Great Representatives, Outstanding job...... Thank you!!!