Deceptive American Express Cash Rewards Practices

First, let me begin by saying USAA is one of the best financial institutions in the world.  Therefore, it is with great dismay I write the following:


A recent review of the American Express Cash Rewards on my account reveals a discrepancy.  In contacting the delightful customer service representative, I was informed the tiered system applies to only monthly purchases.  Meaning $5,000.00 would have to be spent in a month to qualify for the next tier only for that month.  As can be seen from USAA's own literature from their website cut and pasted below, this is clearly not the case.


USAA Cash Rewards Program Rebate Terms and Conditions

On your billing date each January, we will determine the dollar amount of all the Purchases that posted to your Account during the previous 12 billing cycles (the "Rebate Period"), less any purchase credits, returns or adjustments that are not payments (the "Annual Net Purchases").

As long as your Account remains current, open and in good standing during the entire Rebate Period, we will provide you with a USAA Cash Rewards Rebate on your Annual Net Purchases in the following amounts:


If your annual net purchases are: Your Cash Rewards Rebate will be:

$0 to $5,0000.45% of all Annual Net Purchases
$5,000 to $10,000$22.50 plus 0.85% of Annual Net Purchases over $5,000
$10,000 to $17,000$65 plus 1% of Annual Net Purchases over $10,000
$17,000 or more$135 plus 1.25% of Annual Net Purchases over $17,000


My experience has been that the amount is annual not monthly. I think the representative you spoke with misspoke.

We want to make that you get the information you need and would like to get you in touch with a specialist. They'll be able to provide clarification as well as record your feedback about your experience. If you'd like to be contacted to discuss this matter, please send a message here: