David Hoak

3rd platoon

Delta CO

1st 506 inf

101st ABN



I arrived in RVN at camp Evans 1/9/1970. The 1st few weeks in the field we supported a mortar crew.

I joined a 5 man team headed by John Frazier and I was his  RTO. Melvin Hollingsworth was the rear guard. Plingee from MN I think and I cant remember the name of the point guy, chipped tooth, jet black hair and carried a thumper while walking point. The team would Blow LZs and recon, and once we surprised a Chinese officer and his 3 man team.


Next I was took the job of 1st LT Jerry Smiths's RTO on firebase Arackaatac


We were hit and I was wounded on April 14 1970 (I think this is the right date but not sure). The attack was a from sappers throwing satchel charges. This happened before midnight and the choppers could not get us out because we were socked in. Strobe lights, we could hear them (the choppers) all night but they could not get in. The fog cleared around 5 or 6, Jerry was still alive when I left the hospital at PHU BAI...


I live in Texas with my extended family and Praise God whenever I can.