I have been a customer with USAA for many years using numerous services that they offer. Within the last 6 months, I was treated with the worst service I have ever encountered. I have a total of 3 vehicles that are insured with then. All of my vehicles have the same coverage, zero deductible, so I thought. I added my latest vehicle a year ago and claim a windshield replacement within 2 months of having it. At that time, there was no deductible because it was repaired. I was not informed that my deductilbel WAS NOT zero. This year the same vehicle's windshield needed to be replaced. I called the same day that the incident happened. They informed me that if it had to be replaced my deductible would be $500. Really???? For a windshield?? I reported my loss on Valentines Day. They did not send someone out to look at my vehicle to evaluate the damage until March 5. The crack started out the size of a quarter but ended up longer then a dollar bill. The quote I was given was $1000. I escalated my complaint to the office of the president only for speak with some smart mouth teenager who spoke to me like he did not care if I took all my services to another company. When I threaten to report him, he replied, go ahead. This is not the type of treatment that members of our military or their spouses should be dealing with. Are we no longer important to USAA. They do still require that meet criteria to obtain service,right? So why such poor pityful treatment. Management is no better. Whatever happened to the happy customer service representatives that made you feel like your service mattered? The office of the president is a joke. They are just a special team of managers that answer calls and your complaints never make to the top. He will never know just how unhappy his customers are. Things have got to change.


That was bull. Can't wait for my turn to get treated like garbage by USAA.

Did you not read your policy documents?   Your deductible is clearly indicated there.  


In most states a zero dollar deductible is not even possible.  

In response to your comment, I now have a zero deductible just like the other 2 vehicles that I have. I asked for the same coverage as my existing vehicles. Another member of my fam who lives in an entirely different state, has a zero deductible and they were the ones who informed me to change from $100 to $0. Next I find it very inconvenient that calls are recorded for the purpose of coaching, so why couldn't they locate my call. As previously stated bad customer service. One other thing, whether I reviewed my declaration or not, I called prior to my claim to see how I could save money by taking defensive driving. Ample opportunity for them to recap my coverage. A word of advice, don't judge until you have gone through the ordeal and can relate.