A few months ago got into a car accident, and just last week had unauthorized transactions on my card, both time the help I received from USAA was outstanding. They stood behind there word and made it less stressful for me. My bank account was cleaned out, within 3 days I had a new card and some money back in my account. I can't say enough things about USAA, there customer service is number 1 and they care about there customers. Keep up the good work.


this was obviously written by an employee, as the board is filled with the exact opposite story of this.  nice try usaa, you arent fooling anyone.  this place sucks, and i advise EVERYONE to get out now before they are in the midst of a real crisis.  consider yourself warned.

I had a situation with unauthorized credit card charges and USAA also took care of the situation promptly and reversed all the charges.

And I would say that "i hate u s a a" is obviously someone who DOESN'T deal with USAA.  I have been a USAA customer for almost  25 years, and no matter what the issue - car insurance claims, homeowner's insurance claims, banking, credit cards - their customer service has always been exceptional.  When I'm talking with a USAA representative, they always leave me with the impression that they had nothing else to do that day except help me with my issue.

I have been with USAA for years and have always sung their praises.  I am also a former employee who moved out of state which is the only reason that I am not still working there.  However, I just had an experience with some reps on the banking end and have left me with a VERY sour taste in my mouth and wondering if there is a wave of new representatives out on the floor.  This was not the service that USAA provides and the whole issue on this auto loan turned into a comedy of errors and not made right.  Sorry USAA, my auto loans are going somewhere else. 

This new third party company is not acceptable! My daughter blew a tire on the highway coming home from Texas. She was in a sparse area. She called USAA to get roadside assistance to come help her with the tire. The first person was trying to find her a local service station that could help her....told her it would be about an hour.  Then a different rep called and told her there weren't any services close enough....sorry, can't help you. They offered to call the police department from the nearest town to see if they could help. She told them to forget it, her parents were on their way.....an hour away. Thanks for outstanding roadside assistance and knowledgeable customer service...NOT!!! What good is this service if it won't work for you when you really need it?! Thank God she had us to help her. Not happy at all!

Customer Service should be a top priority; therefore, mistakes and errors that take more than a week to correct

or be made aware of by USAA is unfair to the customer.  Yes, I believe that evaluation of customer service is

mandatory, and needs addressing.  I won't go into details with account errors but, I assure you it was not


I had many recent problems with USAA; for which they were likewise UNHELPFUL and unprofessional, as usual. Note, I've had their insurance and banked with them since 1970, when earlier on they valued and worked hard to create and keep a great reputation; however, in recent years, quality of staff and service have greatly declined to mediocrity and ineptness. I am not alone in this viewpoint, as I have many military colleagues (some CPAs who worked at USAA) tell me for past 10+ years that they quit USAA and would NEVER do business with them again as they are a horrible company. My recent examples of USAA inexcusable unprofessional actions: 1) the LIED to me, when auto insurance managers told a rep I was speaking with to lie - left speaker phone on; 2) cancelled all my and wife's accounts and changed our address without our knowledge or permission, erroneously placing them in my adult daughter's accounts who lives in another state and is a USAA member - they denied fault for error done by employee, took too long to fix the error, and promised to but would not tell us exactly how it happened and how they would prevent a recurrence; 3) cancelled wife's debit card with no notice, saying they were sending a replacement card due to Home Depot security errors where the card was used, but they never replaced my debit card which was used as often at the same store - even though they promised to immediately replace mine when I called them (they never did); 4) allowed unauthorized debits from a vendor, after I submitted stop-payment forms twice as USAA instructed; 5) unilaterally changed our auto insurance policy coverage without notifying us, eventually fixing it after months 6) over-charging me for homeowners insurance above the final policy premium weeks AFTER it was fully paid, refusing to refund the overcharge or adequately explain why and how they committed apparent insurance fraud - mortgage lender increased my escrow and monthly payment due to USAA erroneous billing. etc. My expectations and opinion of USAA have plummeted, and I only remain because I've not found better options. Disappointed!