We have been members for some 30 some years and my parents for another 60.


USAA service been great for years but for the lay 5 or 6 years we have had nothing but problems with the service seems like a confirtation every time we talk to an associate. Let's say 1 out of 20 have proven to be professionals.

Now with a mortgage a home equity,2 credit cards,3 life insurance, 2 home insurance policies,3 auto insurance policies.

all tied into usaa I think it is time to move on as soon as we can find the time change all these policies.....however if we had used 1 10th The energy the customer service has caused us in just the resent encounters we could made our move

sorry for the typos..... The screen seems to have a mind of it's own

good luck and thank you for your service.........( not you USAA ). 


Lossy service,

We value your 30 years of membership and care very much about the service you receive. We'd like to help with any issue you may currently be experiencing. Please let us know how we can assist. Thank you for reaching out.  

Clearly, your 30 years of membership is not valued. Perhaps you'd be happier moving your business to a different service provider. Thank you for your courage.