Just found this section.  I thought only I had noticed the sad state of customer service in the last few years  (and getting worse). Send them an email complaining, they just email back with some lame excuse, not even researching what you complained about.

I tried to REFI a year ago, Here comes this FEDEX package with tons of work to do.  Then you get an email saying it has to be done ASAP!  Tell them to forget it, too much paperwork, and they put in your record that you were denied.

Did you get the notice to immediately activate your new credit card after it was compromised by Target?  Got mine Saturday, activated them, web site confirmed activated.  Next two days new cards were rejected.  Their answer: Oh, it was a weekend!  What!  24 hour banking, that only works 5 days. 

Had a horrible time trying to complain that their vendor for telling you your homes value sucked.  They kept telling me it was OK, until one guy finally found out that it only updates once a month, 1 month after the DATA is known.

And finally, did you notice how home insurance seems to go up $1000 a year?  We've had no claims in over 30 years, there have been no hurricanes in FL in years, never one in our area, yet the rates have been skyrocketing in the last few years.

I too have noticed how many commercials there are on TV. What a waste of "members" funds.  Guess that is why they have such high subscriber savings accounts that you can't get.

But overall, their products are mostly good.  On a 1-10, a 7.5