A representative quoted me a price of my newly modified auto insurance. When it didn't kick into effect after three weeks, I called to verify. They told me I had to pay 6mths in advance at a outrageous price. When I couldn't get a direct answer of how what or why I wasn't inform of this the first time. The manager I got transferred to didn't have an answer either. Mrs Ann Marie, "manager", said that she had other clients that need her concern and I can not be compensated or composed for this miscommunication. And hung up the phone on a dissatisfied customer. I bled and fought so that bussiness can strive in America but it's bussinesses like USAA and mrs Ann Marie that make me sick for there appreciation Americans vets.


This is one (the only, actually) USAA department where I have had difficulties. I won't go into detail but my experience with the auto insurance unit has been less than par. I am not talking about the customer representatives or supervisors, they have all been great. But somewhere above them in the pecking order are those who seem oblivious to the notes about conversations those folk have had with "members." (I put this in quotes because that's what we are and not merely account holders like in other banks. Unless I am mistaken, that is.) I even discovered my insurance policy had been canceled only when I received a letter from the DMV informing me of same and advising me that I had something like a week to get it reinstated or my drivers license would be suspended and my registration revoked. So there is definitely room for PRO- active improvement here. However, I have never had any other problems with this department, and this particular situation, which began last August and is still continuing hasn't dampened my appreciation for USAA. 30+ year member.