Better hope to never need anything done in a timely matter over the phone....I have called/needed service over phone 6 times and the wait on hold, no matter the time of day, is an hour to get a rep.


That's really too bad - I have never had an issue when I have called for help. If I have ever been put on hold its only for very short periods of time while the rep is working on my issue. Have you tried the on-line message service instead? Maybe this would work better for you.
Are you kidding me? I have never had to wait for customer service. The reps are always friendly and helpful. I wish USAA would start a phone company, tv company and an internet company. Then I could deal with more honest and helpful companies in the good 'ole USA, instead of talking to "Peggy" (Piggy)
Not my experience at all - ever.
In all seriousness - you must have called the wrong number. For the past 20 years - my experience has been world's away from yours.
Thomas- I have been a USAA member for 45 years and have called them an average of six times a year--- that's near 300 calls and have NEVER waited more than five minutes... usually less than 30 seconds. My most recent call was last week... and the story is the same. Are you sure you're really calling USAA?
Is he talking about USAA?? Not sure what number he's calling, but I have never had to wait, even when calling from England. This is a very interesting experience he'd had... I'm sure it's not the norm for USAA.