Hello folks, My husband i are about to PCS to Columbus AFB Columbus, MS We will be there approximately 1 year and one month as he completes Undergraduate Pilot Training. We are new to the military and I am 7 months pregnant with our first child. To say we are a bit stressed is an understatement. Have any of you been through a PCS to this location or are from this area. We are wondering what the attractions are? Also if anyone has tips for PCSing while pregnant or giving birth at a new base I would be grateful if you would share with me. Thanks, Meg


Hello Meg! I have been in your situation before, so I have a few tips for you for the move. However we have never been stationed in Columbus, but there are usually facebook pages for the wives where you can get a whole bunch of questions answered about the area. I would start callilng the base to see if the womens health clinic on base does obgyn. Some of the bases don't have that option so you would go off base. Tricare can give you a list of places that they would accept if off base, I would figure that out first thing. You can also have your hubby find his commander and ask for a key spouses number and she can also help you out if you have any questions. I am not a Officer Wife, but I hope that they would have the same if not better resources for you! Good luck with your PCS! I hope I was somewhat helpful.
Hi Meg, please dont worry. I know you must be anxious. Columbus is a really sweet town. My sister lives near and we went to school at MSU near there. If the base doesnt have OB services, there are several excellent OBs and NPs around connected with Northwest Medical out of Tupelo, Ms. Good pediatricians too. The people there will wrap their arms around you and help any way they can. They have great respect for the pilots who train there. Lots of shopping there. Get connected with a church, seek out other wives and let people know you are new. I think there is still a newcomers club there. Lots of fishing spots, college sports, Noxubee nature refuge, good restaurants, historic mansions and you are very near Tupelo, a pretty happenin town. Very baby friendly, safe, small town. May God bless you and hubby and little one.
Thank you both for your suggestions and words of reassurance. We are moving this weekend and it is proving to be a very stressful time for my husband and I. We are trying to just take it a step at a time. I have appointments with several OB's in the Golden Triangle area. I am most impressed with the ones that associate with the North Mississippi medical center. I may even give birth in Tupelo. Other than the spots that you recommended do you have any suggestions for restaurants or places that we should visit when we have time?
I went to MSU and I had two babies at the hospital in Starkville. They actually let us do a webcam w/the hubby b/c he was deployed to Afgan. However, there isnt nothing to do in the towns except to hit up the clubs. There is a waterpartk about 2 hours away.Starkville is a awesome place which is about 30 mins from Columbus. I want my hubby to get stationed there so we can be around family but the hubby doesnt bc of his family is there. good luck!