My whole family has always had USAA as far back as I can remember. It was a huge deal when each younger member was able to et their own account. The customer service lately has been horrific. I've even lost my temper with the CSR's and I was one for two years. I have no desire to keep USAA if the people continue to be truly dreadful.


I had to lose my wits with customer service this weekend also. He was soooooo rude and it caught me off guard and made me angry all at the same time. I wanted to cancel all my accounts afterwards. It's almost as if even though they have good quality products, customer service makes it not even worth it.
Exactly my point. Ever since starting jobs in customer service when I was 15(I am now 25) I was taught to respect the person in the position and to respect the customer when in that position. USAA representatives neither respects the customers or themselves in the position they are holding. Not worth the ridiculous fees (for example, if I use my debit card at the arm more than a couple times in a month they charge $40??), inability to hold to their word, horrid rates, and worse than horrific customer service.
They are the worst and care nothing about the military or military families anymore

Unfortunatley I too have recently experienced this.  Been a satisfied customer for years, maintained loyalty with the higher rates because of their understanding of military life.  Have had insurance, checking, savings, multiple auto loans (was going to refinace current vehicle...key word "was").  So I tried the mortgage pre-qualifcation to purchase my retirement home (as I will be retiring in a year).  That was a mistake.  I am denied because the home I am looking to purchase is two hours away from where I am stationed (I thought I was lucky to be stationed near where I wanted to retire).  This two hour commute puts me outside of primary residencancy somehow and they can not support me on my way out of the military unless I now put 15% down on my "second" home even thought this will be my only home.  I am in the process of finding a new credit union to shift ALL of my accounts/services because if this is how you treat a loyal customer in good standing with multiple services/accounts/and previous thank you.

P.S.  Anyone ever done business with Navy Federal.....looking for insight.  Thanks ahead of time for input.

@skipDE my ex has navy fed and stands my it very loyally. She never has any issues and was going to help me get an account when we were together. She has lots of friends who use it and no one I know complains.