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We hope during this time you are stay safe and well. There are four changes and features we want to highlight here in the USAA Community.


  1. We have begun an archiving process in hopes to keep all the content you see and read here as updated and relevant as possible. This includes retiring some older blog posts and archiving discussion posts that have had no comment in the last 365 days. As a reminder, you can find links to all of your posts (and likes you have received from other members) by clicking your nickname in the top right-hand corner of any community page.

  2. We have a new area for New Members. It’s just getting off the ground, but it is our hope to be able to usher you into a new and successful relationship with USAA and the products and services available. This is also a place to connect with others in a similar phase of life! Come over and introduce yourself!

  3. Our Support Investment Board has been closed from further comments. USAA  brokerage and USAA Managed Portfolios® accounts transitioned to Schwab Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Please direct your investing inquiries to https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/investments


  1. We have noticed some members having trouble navigating back to their “My Accounts” page from the Community. Here is a quick how to.


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I'm *still* waiting for a believable explanation as to why my premiums went *up* after Wayne's "discounts". I recieved two identical emails from "Jaclyn" (I think that's her name...something like that...I forget things easily 'cuz I'm old and have a feeble mind) a couple of weeks ago, but nothing as to why Wayne thinks he needs to screw me around like this. $140/month for a hatchback?


Still hoping he's enjoying his new gold-plated butt-scratcher. He's not doing squat for his members.

Hi @Fred C Dobbs

Thanks for commenting. I can see there was a voicemail left on 7/15 and 7/24 on the number associated with your USAA profile.