As a freshman in college, money is obviously a big worry for me. USAA makes my life easier in a lot of ways. First, the automatic transactions. My dad set up my allowance transfer, so he and I both know when I'll be getting my allowance and how much I'm getting- awesome! Second, the mobile abilities. I wish I knew how many times I've stood in Wal Mart and wondered how much money I have... but then I send a secure text that says 'checking' and within about thirty seconds I know exactly how much money I have in my account. Third, the automatic low balance text. I'm not a pro at keeping track of my money yet... So it's awesome that I was able to easily set up my account to send me a text message when I'm running low on funds. Bottom line, USAA has made my life, and my dad's life, infinitely easier! Thanks, USAA, for being so cutting edge! I love y'alls creative thinkers!