I received your June 10th, 2013 letter praising and promoting USAA.  For 60 years, I, too, was a happy USAA client. But in recent years something has changed, and several local fellow USAA clients also noted a different USAA attitude. Is it because they are getting bigger, trying to expand their client base?

The issue was over an actual place of residence vs a PO mailing address involving at least several families living in this retirement neighborhood. USAA stonewalled us and our problem, and coldly hid behind "policy".  USAA lost several clients over this.

Just another side of the coin……..  Joe Lapchick, class of "54


I would echo this observation; for years we have had our home and life insurance, banking and mortgage through "USAA," and our recent experience with a home insurance claim demonstrated a hodgepodge of communication and mis-communication, through at least three departments (mortgage, bank and insurance), with seldom a communication with the same individual, and an average minimum of three transfers, sometimes a lot more, with each and every call.  And none of these departments apparently communicate with each other, although they all fall under the "USAA" logo.


The ensuing debacle has resulted in an out of pocket expense to us of over $7,000, above the deductible, currently in the process I hope and assume of being reimbursed by "USAA," whoever that might be, from a claim initiated in April.  I can only imagine what families faced with total loss like those in the recent tornadoes must experience with the multiple USAAs" that apparently now exist.  Perhaps they could take out a loan from "USAA" to fund restoration of their loss by "USAA" until "USAA" pays their claim.  This is not the company I joined over 30 years ago.

Echo the Echo!  The Home Equity loan / Refinance / Mortgage people don't seem to be located together.  Consequently, the left hand does not seem to know what the right hand is doing or offering.  It seems to me that all these "stove pipes" (talking the talk) need be eliminated and the same person should be able to handle any type of financing relative to a piece of property.

General Robles, are you listening?


After 28 years, I too have noticed a difference.  What has happened to my USAA?