I deposit my check into my usaa account on jan 17 and it is still on hold and they wont release it until the 30th. what bank puts such a long hold on a check that you got from an insurance company???? I hate usaa with a passion thanks to that long unnecessary hold i still couldnt fix my car and had to borrow money .  I dont know how many times ive called and begged them to release the money but no nothing .Thank you USAA as soon as my funds are released i will close all my checking and savings accounts and switch to geico with my car and home owner insurance i dont want anything to do with yall anymore and i make sure to let everyone know about my horrible experience with you. so much for serving the military  


There are many times that what may seem malicious against is more for our protection. There are many times even insurance companies have their booked unbalanced and a check may not clear. For larger amounts of checks, it may be better off to have it on hold to ensure the full amount is cleared. The last thing you want is to spend that money and have a returned check. Just focus on all the good USAA has done for you. They surely should balance out any sort of mistake.