Caregiver to paralysed Veteran

I'm a recent widow & primary caregiver to Dad who is paralyzed from waist down.
Would welcome any wisdom, insight or words of encouragement.
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Bless you for being there when your Dad needed you, despite the loss of your best friend! I had a similar experience as caregiver for my Mom. Caregivers are 24/7/365 and the work is of love and can be consuming. I hope you have some support or a support group, something just for YOU. I took my vitamins and that was the extent of what I did for me and result was me broken mentally, physically and financially. Please take care of you so you can recover your loss and get support from others walking the same mile you are. I found help on PsycologyToday magazine that has a database of support from groups to physicians. A Godsend for sure! I will keep you in my prayers <3 


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I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss and hope others here have words of wisdom and encouragement. 


Here are a few caregiving resources you might find helpful. Thank you for taking care of your Dad, what a tough and honorable task. 


VA Caregiver Program


This site also has a list of additional resources available to caregivers:


Thank you for posting here and sharing your story.