Tried using the car buying service. Two areas of concern: loan rate and vehicle pricing. Website offered lowest rate based on "excellent" credit rating. By most accounts an excellent rating is 720 or above - mine is 750. USAA says it must be 800 and over to recieve their "excellent" rating. Then I go and look at the autos and prices advertised by "certified" USAA dealers. Found the car I wanted to buy listed at $40,000 on USAA. Found the same exact car listed on the dealers website for $38,900! When I called USAA customer service for an explanation, they informed me that the price listed by USAA was for those who don't like to negotiate prices at the dealership. Ha! They still wouldn't have to negotiate with the dealer listing the vehicle themselves at $1,100 less than USAA does! Two words: Rip-off   


USAA isn't the same bank it used to be.  I've had a terrible time getting USAA advertised best rates on an auto loan despite an excellent credit rating. Customer support is friendly, but horribly inconsistant with the information provided.  I'm currently looking at other options for my banking and insurance needs.


USAA Bank has never beat most credit union rates for auto loans and their auto buying service is mediocre at best.  I've found I've been much happier with my credit union (Randolph Brooks) than USAA in any banking related transactions.  USAA insurance remains quite good because of its service, although I fear that is going to slip as the company "reaches out" to what is basically anyone in the interest of growth and profit.  Just look and listen to all the commercials on television these days where young children tout membership based on having "earned" it through their grandfathers service.....  What about earning it on their own?  Associate membership is fine, but keep membership restricted to members who have earned it on their own.  Oh to have the USAA of old where every member was actually treated like and felt like they were special.

So true!  Why does a "membership" organization spend millions on prime time television advertising for members?  Try not losing the ones you have.