Car Buying Service 2014 KIA Optima January 30, 2014

I’ve been doing the research for months so, after visiting the several dealerships that USAA recommended via their car buying service. I felt like the service offered was a bait and switch; USAA has a recommended price for the car that you want, I print the certificate, take it to each dealership and they claims well I didn’t include upgrades, apparently their upgrades are more than USAA has posted. So I go to the site and show these dealerships what I’m asking and  that USAA has them as a certified dealers all of them in one way or another proclaim they can’t offer me the USAA price. This was a base model KIA OPTIMA LX, I asked if you can’t honor the cert, then why you guys on this site false advertising.  These dealers are trying to sell the cars at invoice or MSRP. This service is useless for finding a car at a great rate and I do not recommend it, at least not in Central TEXAS. I’m in the market of buying another car and I won’t be using this service it’s a sham.  I’ll do it the way I’ve been doing it, buy from dealers who have a little more integrity then what I’ve encountered.


I have to say, I shopped for my dodge charger through usaa, not only did I get their discount but I got even more of a discount for military service from dickhannah dodge in Vancouver Washington as well as free tires for life. I am now on my second set of tires...not inly did usaa come through but dickhannah earned a customer for life. Sorry to hear about your poor experience.
I never buy from the stealership.

 We've had the same horrible bait and switch experience as RLF. Here in N.J.after filling out the information on the USAA website I was provided with 3 dealerships. I re-entered with a work zip code and got 3 more dealerships.I printed up the certificates with 3 of them stating I will save at least $4,143 off the MSRP. After emailing back and forth , not one dealership could offer more than $1,300 off MSRP for a  Ford Explorer XLT

    I've bought cars for 35 years and every dealership has a sneaky way of adding to the final price. No different here. One bit of advice, if you insist on trying this service. Do NOT give the dealership your real phone number! They will call you over and over. Correspond through emails only.