Jesus, this company is going into the crapper!  It was great once when you could get a hold of folks and not have so many corporate restrictions.  I have a youth account and my daughter is trying to deposit a check for $1,100.00 and she CANT!  WHY, because this (cannot post the DA word I was trying to) bank doesnt want to take our money!  Deposit@home is awsome but SUCKS (sorry filtered A word again) when you have to deal with really stupid (so not only not take my money but tell me what I cant and cannot say) like this.  What a FREAKING JOKE!   Get a LIFE USAA and return to the great company you were once before!


Not trying to be mean or start an argument, but this complaint is pretty weak. Having worked at a bank before, I completely understand why a check for that amount wouldn't be accepted for mobile deposit. The amount of fraud that occurs in our country today is outrageous! Usaa is only trying to protect itself from losing a large amount of money should that check turn out to be fraudulent. (whether you had no idea that the check was fraudulent or you were trying to scam the bank--which I'm sure isn't the case) However, they have no way to immediately know if the check is good or not, and it is a hundred times riskier to accept a check for a large amount via mobile deposit and make funds available immediately than it is to have the client send in the check for deposit, where they can have an actual person examine it for fraud. If usaa was so careless as to accept every person's word on a large check and grant the availability of funds immediately for that check, there would be so much fraud going on that the bank wouldn't survive. Usaa has to make money one way or another in order to pay employees and essentially stay in business. If they are losing millions to fraud by not verifying large checks before granting funds, they would not be here today. They have to take many precautions to avoid fraud, and scammers just keep coming up with new ways to "steal" money from banks and their clients. Usaa is just trying to protect itself and essentially its clients, by being cautious and not careless. Try to see it from the other person's perspective (or from the business's perspective in this case.) Usaa is one of the best banks out there with arguably the BEST customer service of any bank, and they couldn't uphold that reputation without being somewhat cautious.
I have opened a local account for cases like this. The transfer option from local bank to usaa is immediate and works great to verify large checks rather quickly.