I have been a member of USAA for 32 years.  First auto accident I had with USAA auto coverage was in 2007.  Someone ran a red light and I T-boned them.  USAA was excellent in inspecting my car and calling it a total loss.  Received a check soon after.  Great.  This year my wife has an SUV driver slam right into her car on her side of the car.  Mind you, she is in a traffic lane, SUV slams her on her side, which means the passenger side of the SUV hits her.  Both cars drivable, so no cop involvement.  When finalizing the claim, USAA puts the blame on my wife.  WTF??  We end up paying the deductable, and I am now waiting to see if the rates go up??  Not sure what knucklehead made that decision, but I am currently looking for an insurance company with more integrity and customer loyality.  I guess 32 years doesn't mean anything to USAA!  After reading other stories here, I guess I should have seen it coming!  Shame on me.


We're sorry to hear about your wife's accident and hope she is doing okay. As far as the claims decision, we'd like to get you in touch a member of our claims team. They can take a closer look at your specific situation to determine if there are any additional options available. If you'd like to speak with them, please send a message here: http://bit.ly/I8GjNZ.