As much as I budget our expenses & am a stay home mom of 4 special needs kids my husband will spend $ even if it overdrafts the account! Our 2 vehicles are paid off & we only have 1 credit card along with life expenses. I will pay an extra $100 & we'll discuss that he CAN'T use that card since we have no safety net along with the balance to the max it is starting to hurt our credit & we are being denied if need to apply for an emergency quick fix. Ever since we were married 14yrs ago he has said he was horrible with money & it's gotten worse over the yrs since he's coming up near his 20 & we have no safety net. He talks about buying a house, wants land, blah, blah, blah. I have to let it go one ear & out the other since it hasn't done any good of me speaking my mind of how we gets his play $ so make that last & please don't touch the credit card (uses it for fast food & nonsense-nickel/diming us to live on nothing & then he gets mad. I've asked him to put his bank card & the credit card in the freezer bag filled w/water so not tempted. Even if he leaves credit card alone & I understand he have the bank card but what do I do? USAA credit card has so many great benefits & such a low interest rate I really would hate to close it & deal with the wrath forthcoming later. Is there a way I can put the card on hold where unusable without closing it so we can get ahead & it won't take long. Any other suggestions? WITS END with clueless money manager!


Unfortunately, if you can't get your husband on board, you probably will never be able to get ahead. He'll always find SOME way to spend.


However, there might be some hope to get him on board. We were in a similar situation until recently. I'd be saying "we don't have the money, don't spend anything!" and then there would be these small nickel-and-dime charges that ate up a ton of extra funds. And since nothing was a huge expense, there didn't seem to be any way of getting through.


I now use a software called "YNAB" (You Need A Budget") and it is great! It lets you put everything in a category and track where everything goes. There is an app so that you can enter purchases as you make them and track your budget in real-time. For the chronic overspender who doesn't realize how much they've spent until they've already done so, this is a wonderful thing. You can set goals each month and plan how to spend the money. I recommend you check it out, as it has been a game-changer for our finances and I now recommend it to everyone!


My suggestion is to make sure that husband has a set amount of "fun money" that he can use HOWEVER he wants, with no nagging. It is then his responsibility to not go over. If he enters everything as he purchases it, he'll soon realize how quickly those funds go away!


check out the site if you get a chance, just search for YNAB or go to


Good luck with getting husband on board!