The past two years the customer support and wait times have got worse and worse.  I remember five years ago you would get someone on the line immediatelly.  I feel that USAA is adding more customers and less employees to cover them.  The automated system is probably one of the worse systems I have ever used.  Normally it never gets me to the right department and I am asked anywhere from 2-4 times what my USAA# and Pin is and when you are in a hurry to get business done it interferes.  If I put my #/pin in during the automated system then I shouldn't be asked AGAIN!  I have had numerous other problems with a mortgage loan gone nightmare but I eneded up with a woman that was outstanding so that experience was mad up with her outstanding customer service and hard work.  Recently I had flood damage and it's been a month on Feb 6th and I have yet to receive any funds to repair my home.  My daughter and I have been living in a friends home but after a month it really starts to wear on you and I think USAA could have did alot more to help this process considering they own the insurance company and the bank financing my home.  I have been a USAA customer now since 04' and honestly have had more issues than good.  I have since began using a local bank to handle my banking needs and getting to walk in and see a face and shake a hand beats phone/online communication any given day.  I realize everyone doesn't think the same as I do but in all honesty USAA has went down hill and is continually heading into the wrong direction in my opinion.  Again this is only my opinion.  Thanks


After 30 years of driving and having USAA as my auto insurance company, I had my first accident 2 months ago (a minor fender bender at an intersection that has an accident at least once a day).  Yesterday i got my new premium renewal bill and it was doubled!  I called USAA and spoke with several people and was told I was SOL (they were polite about it but the bottom line was I was out of luck). 


USAA use to have a reputation for being a good company to do business with.  Not anymore!

Just wait until you have to deal with another insurance company or bank......

and in refererence to wait is worth the small amount of time we do wait and get a real, well informed

rep........get over it......there is no patience in this country anymore............

My son was in a accident over this past weekend. First thing he did was call me and and I told him to call USAA. The employees handling my claim are aweome and very helpful with everytnhing. I have been with USAA since 1986 and I will never leave. I get them on the phone all the time I never have a long wait. The road side service is wonderful as well. I have no complaints.

The statement about your premiums doubling. That is why you get accident forgiveness on your policy.