Long time member. Have had identity stolen in the past and new bank cards etc issued from usaa. Communication is spotty at best, but they have always taken care of it. Until now. A representative let someone into my account pretending to be me over the phone. The thief then requested an official check be expedited to some random place in oklahoma. (Never set foot in that state nor do i actually know anyone from there) Did not get the whole story, but was told it was odd enough that they flagged


The account for possible fraud. Did they call and ask me if I wanted to clean out my acct and donate it to a random person in ok? Nope. Found out about it the next day when checking my balance. So then when I challenged usaa about it, I was told sorry for our mistake the money will be refunded in approx 3-5 days. Three days later I called to check on the status and after 90 min on phone and being hung up on at least twice, I was finally told that no progress had been made on the case, and to expect 7-10 more business days. Swell. So get to spend Christmas on empty checking account. Oh yeah, the wonderful lady in executive resolutions (don't be fooled they don't actually resolve anything) then had the gall to ask of I'd like to take out a short term loan with her to cover myself until usaa gets thru investigating themselves and places my money back into the account they let someone into. Too much typing. Just watch out and don't believe ANYTHING this company tells you. They're in for their profit, they just prey on vets more than most.

Dear AngryDad,


I cannot begin to imagine the stress that this situation has caused. I am so sorry that you have not gotten wheat you need from our resolutions team. We would like to get you in contact with someone who can help you now. Could you please send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com and include some brief details about your situation and your member number? We look forward to hearing from you and getting this situation sorted. Thank you.

USAA banks are not as good with handling things like a traditional credit union. They are holding people funds for week. I deposit a moneyorder not a check. I say change your bank it will happen again.