My dad was raised in Brooklyn NY.  He was 7 years old when Pearl Harbor happened.  The war affected him greatly and he enlisted in the Air Force when he was 18.  He was trained in radar systems at Keesler AFB Miss. He was deployed to Air Sea Rescue in Scotland where i was born.  He was then was deployed to SAC at Forbes Field Kansas. He earned a position with 89th MAW and Air Force One at Andrews in Maryland.  My dad was sent to Fairbanks, Alaska and Rykavik Iceland for isolated tours.  He learned all he could about radar and electronics earning a degree from Cleveland Institute of Electronics.  He then retired and worked for the US Navy at Pax River NAS on Strike Aircraft missiles. He was in the civil service as a GS-12 for 15 years for NESEA as a project engineer.  I heard about USAA when i was at the Air Force Academy.  I became a GS-12 programmer working for Navy Medical. I joined USAA in 1993 and my father joined shortly thereafter.  We have been very happy with the level of effort by USAA advisors. They are usually on target with market predictions. I trust USAA like i trusted the military officers who i worked for.  It is hard to say where i would be without USAA.  I have passed it along to my children.  The ease of the software makes buying stocks and mutual funds easy.  I am greatly pleased with their online services.  I am only sorry that as a state employee i do not have more to invest with them.  It seems USAA is ideal for ex-service members almost replacing and augmenting Uncle Sam in some ways.   I have my service time and USAA makes my investment abilities better.  It is a company you can trust.  My daughters and sons are members also.  We like the fact that USAA is a smart organization run by ex-military officers.  Thank you USAA.       


We can't thank you enough for passing the USAA legacy down to your children! Your loyalty and membership is greatly appreciated. It's wonderful to know our team is taking great care of you. If we can provide any additional assistance, please let us know.