Is anyone else having this issue. I've read they are making changes but I should still be able to see my accounts even if I can't actively use them at the moment. When I call, even the rep has a hard time finding it and then says I should be able to access it afterwards and I still can't. This is only one of the things I've been unhappy with lately. USAA service as a whole has been on the downfall for awhile now from my experience.


That's the reason I closed my B/I acct with USAA & moved to Scottrade. They were chargin me $70/trans for penny stocks!!!!!  Not the dream that those few officers had back when they started USAA!!! 

Yep they failed to manage my expectations.  Brokerage Accounts are suppose to be up as of 5:00am and magin accounts tomorrow.  I still cant get in my brokerage account over an hour into trading.  I could call in to trade, but hey it is 2014.