Boycott USAA - No Services for Furloughed Members

I’ve called your freakin number ...... response given, no furlough assistance available! I plan to close my account as soon as the shutdown is over! It’s ridiculous how USAA treats it’s furloughed. #USAAISNOTCUSTOMERFRIENDLYASADVERTISED #USAASNUBSITSNOSEATFURLOUGHEDMEMBERS


We regularly evaluate our offerings to ensure we’re providing members with products and services that meet their needs. Given the reality of recurring or potentially prolonged government shutdowns, we redesigned our loan product which offers increased flexibility and extended repayment options for affected members.

We will continue to evaluate this product offering against member value to help ensure it serves its purpose of easing the financial hardship.

I contacted USAA to discuss options regarding credit card payment.  The only offer was deferment of payment but interest will STILL ACCRUE.  Absolutely ridiculous for an entity that (at least used to) pride itself on its members.  Large banks, credit unions, and even auto manufacturers financing loans all allow for postponement of payment by individuals impacted by the shutdown.  Meanwhile, USAA is unwilling to forgive one month's worth of interest on a credit card bill (so basically $10-$30 let's say) if not paid in full.  A number of banks are allowing individuals to postpone MORTGAGE PAYMENTS, which have drastically more interest, WITHOUT ANY PENALTIES or ADDITIONAL INTERESTUSAA SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED!  I would've have expected this from other creditors, but not USAA. Disheartening.  And a great way to lose members.

@Beep1, We are sorry to hear you are disappointed. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. -Colleen

I just got off the phone with Chase.  In less than 5 minutes, they postponed the due date for my credit card bill by a month and waived all late fees and interest.  Amazing how different things are with a lender that actually cares.

And don’t even ask USAA to waive the convenience check fee of 3%! I am fortunate enough to have untapped credit on my USAA credits cards, which would be nice to draw upon by simply writing a convenience check to myself. However, I refuse to do so until absolutely necessary, simply out of principle. Simply from a business perspective, since USAA is not waiving interest, one would think USAA would allow/encourage members to tap into this “credit” by waiving this ADDITIONAL 3% fee, but the greed and corporate indifference has consumed this once great company.

Hello RJB6464, I understand your consideration of using some of your untapped credit from your USAA credit cards to access cash IF needed. We do not charge a 3% cash advance fee when funds are moved from your USAA Credit Card directly into your USAA Deposit account. No convenience check needed.

You may process this from the bottom of your Deposit account page, under Account services/ Deposits options. I do hope you find this information helpful to you. ~ Lori C

Thank you Lori, that actually is helpful and good to know if needed. Unfortunately, I do not believe most USAA representatives are aware of that option, since when I initially discussed possible courses of action, this online access to available credit was not discussed.


Thanks again...

@RJB6464, I will have this additional feedback submitted to the appropriate area. ~ Samantha 

At least you got that..........they told me there was nothing available for my credit card account and I have been perfect with it.  Typical USAA customer no-service.  "We take care of our veterans"  Bologna!