Changed addresses and new account was issued.  Old account never closed so they showed a past due balance.  Even though they claim they have a zero balance the false past due balances keep getting in the hands of collection agencies and will pop up on credit reports years later.  This kept me from getting a home loan.


My son recently moved to Houston to attend college and had a wreck. The car was not badly damaged and he did not think it would be a total loss. It ended up being just that due to the high mileage. The car was towed to the salvage yard and his things were stolen. This was in late October. The salvage yard and USAA will not reimburse or do anything about the items that were taken. They are not even replying to emails. I've submitted the pictures they've asked for. I've made phone calls to the salvage company myself. Very disappointed. We've been members of USAA for over 10 years.