Better Than Parents!

I joined USAA in 1987 as a new Army 2LT. I had purchased a car with a sizeable down payment that was my graduation gift, but had a loan on the balance co-signed by my Dad with his bank. I was to be stationed in Germany upon completion of OBC and my Dad informed me that his bank would not let me take the car overseas. A friend in my class whose Dad was military and had a family legacy of membership with USAA told me to call them. They refinanced my loan at 2 percentage points less, insured my vehicle and have been there with me ever since. My husband and I have financed vehicles, horse trailers and obtained an unsecured loan for our business through them and we pick up the phone, ask for money and a check arrives the next day in FEDEX - why we say they are better than parents. When my husband and I married and he could obtain insurance through USAA, his premium was reduced by 1/3. Rates are always competitive on all their products. I love when the competition tries to get my business and when I tell them I am with USAA, they stop trying as they know they can't match them. After a huge hail storm that damaged our home and vehicles, they were courteous, thorough, and processed our payment quickly. I even bank with them now and all my non-USAA friends are jealous of "Deposit at Home". USAA is the best perk for my military service! Your customer service is always so thorough, polite and helpful and easy to understand. I am proud to leave USAA as a legacy to my family!
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