I just wanted to share that I was in a car accident and had been calling and trying to get stuff straightened out with insurance and getting a rental car. It was frustrating that it was taking so long and what not.  Then today I talked to a rep named Veronica in claims, she was nice, knowledgeable, and literally took care of everything for me from rental care to getting a towing service.  It was such a pleasure to work with her and I couldn't tell her enough how much I appreciated her help. This woman deserves a hand because great customer service is hard to come by and when your dealing with a stressful situation as it is, it sucks to have to deal with someone who just does the bare minimum.  Thank you so much Veronica for the excellent customer service! Such a pleasure of mine to have spoken with you.  Keep up the great work!!

Thank you so so much,



I've had great experiences with claims too. Somebody hit me in a parking lot, and we both had usaa.