I was recently in an accident that was my fault. Having never been in this situation before, I didn't know what to expect. It was a minor fender bender, but the car I'd hit was a dealerships brand new car, and the guy driving it was scaring me with the pricing he thought it would be to get the back bumper fixed. A few hours after the accident,  a wonderful USAA employee gave me a call and first asked if I was okay and was so glad to hear that the damage wasn't serious. She was so professional but kind and gentle as she could tell I was unbelievably nervous. She thoroughly explained my insurance to me. We had accident forgiveness, so our premium would not go up, to get my bumper fixed would cost us a max of $300 out of pocket, and the other car would be fixed with absolutely no cost to us. I could not believe it! After this much wonderful news and service, I certainly didn't expect more. She assured me that the shop that would be repairing my car would give me a call within the next half hour to set up a consultation appointment and that Enterprise would be calling to let me know a rental car was ready for me while my car was in the shop and would also be of no charge to us. I was absolutely amazed and did not expect anything like this. Thank you USAA for making a new, slightly terrifying experience a million times easier for me. I only have wonderful things to say about you guys and we will always be loyal customers!


BAM BAM BAM   This is an awesome strory!