Best Financial Institution - And I work at ONE!!

Hi, I married into the USAA family, and I love them!!!! The internet service is top notch, and the telephone representatives are so friendly, I really feel like I matter. Even when they are trying to sell something, they do it in a manner that I do not feel they are just pushing a product this month, but that they look at my portfolio, and are OFFERING something I might actually need. That is something other financial institutions strive for, but never truly get there. I work at a large bank in Kentucky and have for the past 8 years, and I believe, BY FAR, the USAA is the friendliest and most efficient bank I've ever banked at (I've had a few). Everything is easy, which is very important in today's world! They may not have branches, but they make up for it in every other area. :)
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