Best Experience Every Time, We Never Lift a Finger

I was lucky enough to receieve the legacy advantages of USAA through my father's service. He is a disabled veteran who served in the Army during and after the Vietnam war. I have be using USAA's auto insurance since I got my driver's license (a million years ago), and when I married my husband four years ago, I was able to invite him into the USAA family as well. I have had many interactions with USAA, and everytime they have been proactive, polite, helpful, and personable.


Recently, over the holiday weekend, both my father and myself were in two separate accidents in different parts of the country on the same day. When we called each other to tell each other  what happened, the majority of the conversation was about how incredible USAA was throughout the entire process.  We have never had to lift a finger. 


I'm especially greatful that USAA is in my father's life because I know that they will take care of him when I am too far away to help. I can't express how much of a relief that is. A world of thanks to the folks at USAA for such a job well done (as usual), and for your fantastic service over the years. But most of all, thank you for the peace of mind.