As long as I have been with Usaa, for auto and home insurance, we never had a problem! They were great, fast, and definitely cheap! So I figured banking with them would be a good idea, WOW! Was I wrong. Between the NSF charges everyday because they keep holding on to my deposits, to the double charges from ATMs! They owe us at least $600 they have said we with drew from the ATM that never happened, and waiting up to a week to clear a transaction, which causes me to go into overdraft! I've spent more money in fees, because they say I was insufficient, but yet hold onto money I already deposited, while continuing to charge me fees! I don't know about yal, but we work hard for our money, and usaa will not nickle and dime me to death! We are definitely closing all accounts, insurance, canceling credit cards once our money is released! Sad day when usaa has turned into the complete opposite of what they say they stand for!


I have been with USAA for about 6 yrs now. I have had the exact opposite happen for me. Each thing you brought up... I had the opposite experience. I cant say enough about them. Im looking forward to my kids establishing a very long relationship with USAA
CI, sorry you had to go through that, but for my parents(30+ yrs as a customer) and my family(4+ yrs as a customer) our experience with USAA has always been pleasant and more!