Banking during a deployment

I was headed to Iraq in 2008, as well as separating my bank account from my husband's, I knew I had to try USAA. Getting everything set up was easy, everyone on the phone was very nice and respectful. Although what stands out in my mind is also something I tell people I know about USAA. About 8 months after opening my account, I was headed home from Iraq. I had not received my debit card at all during that eight months while I was in country. So I'm sitting in Balad, I call up USAA tell them the situation and that I will be home stateside in a week. So the rep was very nice, he had my card overnighted to my home address and even waived the shipping fee. Once I got home instead of having to go through the annoying process of waiting for my pin to arrive in the mail. I called the number, set up my pin and twenty minutes later I was able to use my card. That is one of the many reasons why USAA is my bank for everything to do with finances from my checking to my savings to my retirement account. I think I've even convinced my dad to switch to USAA, because I pay less on car insurance for full coverage on an older car than he does.
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