Recently had a problem with customer service regarding a hold placed checking account funds. Long story short wife's Direct Deposit paycheck was not deposited due to payroll personnel error. No problem same company printed payroll check within few hours, and check was deposited in USAA checking account. Then USAA placed a weeks hold on half of that check! Immediately called USAA customer service to explain dilemma and was told "so sorry but nothing we can do"! As a result can't make my mortgage auto pay or buy enough groceries etc. to me families needs! Here's where it hurts I have all my financial service thru USAA
Home Ins, Auto Ins, Credit Cards, Banking etc. and an excellent payment history & credit worthiness!! As a veteran soldier this proves to me that America financial system, and government can care less about its veterans and their sacrifices to this country!!! Joined USAA in January 2014 like many other Vets and know gradually losing faith in this banking institution. Never before have I had this much disappointment in a financial Institution in such a short time. If the level of Customer Service for its valued members doesn't change soon, I will beging the process of transferring all of my financial needs, to an institution I can rely upon like a fellow Battle Buddy in the field!!

Dear USAA,
Restore faith in membership by providing excellent customer service before a mass
Exodus of member occur!'

Support the Troops!!!


I hear you. Every check I have deposited either at the ATM or at their main branch here in San Antonio has been held for 14 days. The BS I was told is that they were holding my check in reference to federal reg cc. The hold "was placed" by the federal govt and not by usaa, and had nothing to do with my account history. But yet when you google there is nothing about the govt randomly choosing to hold checks for no apparent reason. Thus has happened to me four times now. I am going to leave this bank and put what ever money I need to into my acct for bills and deal with a few day hold on the transfer of money.
Same thing happened to me where I ended up going to jail because I couldn't pay for insurance and plays on my new truck. I started cashing my checks at this check advance place, cause its free everything pretty much, and getting a money order them depositing it in my account. Pretty pathetic but I really like the free atm usage so I put up with it. For now at least
same thing happened to me now I'm left with no money and bills stacking, wished USAA would actually read these member comments and do something about it. I switched to USAA thinking it was a better choice for my family and I but with all these holds this bank is rolling down hill. I get paid to work and I should be able to deposit my money in my bank without any issue. PLEASE USAA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! -from a Vet

These forums are moderated quite well, you should expect an answer this week (I'm assuming). You probably haven't seen any response to this post because it was send on a weekend (a holiday weekend, no less). I would expect they are at least a day behind on responses. Good luck to you all!

I've never had a hold placed on my mobile deposits. I've been a member for a year now. Their insurance rates are the cheapest, I love the discounts, and I actually couldn't be happier. I did have a run in with a couple debit card holds and the usaa rep was on the phone with me and the merchant for almost 2 hours to get the hold released. Unfortunately they couldn't because the merchant wouldn't comply. I'm sorry you're having problems. But compared to B of A I'm singing Hymns about usaa.
To protect the bank and you, a check is out on hold. To avoid future holds have a high decent balance no ODs. People complain when the check is on hold and also when check isn't on hold and go use funds from fraudulent. If you need the money asap go to bank the check was drawn from.

Are you kidding me, PLEASE!

wow, that was ignorant. I don't live from paycheck to paycheck, but most people do. They can't afford not to have their money right away