I was informed via text message that there may be some fraudulent activity on my USAA credit card and I should reply with a Y or N if the charges they listed in the text looked suspicious. When I replied Y to the text a number was sent that I could call right away to cancel the card and discuss the reimbursement process for the false charges. The USAA rep i spoke with was very knowledgeable and sympathetic. Once everything had been discussed she told me a new card would be sent in 7-10 business days to my address, but offered to expedite shipping and waive the extra charge so that I could receive it sooner, within 2-3 days. I really appreciated her taking that initiative and left positive reviews on the survey after our call. However, my card did not show up within 2-3 days as offered/promised and when I called to check to make sure the new card was not lost in the mail or had been stolen, I was told there was no note of expedited shipping and that I would receive my card in another week and a half. This was extremely disappointing to hear not only because I had been promised something different but also becuase around the same time my bank card also had to be replaced due to fraud, so I was very relieved at the thought of not having to be without some sort of funding for almost two weeks (other than checks/cash but neither of those are convenient at all). I haven't had an issues with USAA until just recenly and had honestly hoped to leave a positive comment about the quickness with which the fraud was noticed and I was notified, but unfortunately the more recent impression is that of carelessness on the behalf of their customer service reps. 


I can understand your frustration and am sorry to hear of your recent experience. The lack of communication and follow through is truly disappointing. Hopefully, everything is taken care of for you now. If not, please let us know here: http://bit.ly/I8GjNZ so we can escalate this matter.