Advertising: Does anyone else feel as though USAA is starting to get a bit too big for their britches? What's with all the ads on TV; and in prime time athletic events at that. Gotta be big checks being written by USAA for these ads. I always thought it was a member only bank. Hmmmm


Service: Why do I feel as though I pay USAA and end up working for them? Insurance claim? Sure, no problem. Just do all the things we ask of you and we'll see if we can't pay you. State Farm or Farmers would have someone come and do all that for you. Buying a house? We can help, just let us make sure we have your correct address and we'll send you a FedEx package with about 100 pages of documents to fill out so we can get that started. Oh, and once we have everything and we're about a week away from closing, underwriting may come back and ask for your 10 year old tax return. Is there anything else I can help you with today? 


Investments: Here at USAA we manage your money actively. We'll call you twice a year to talk about your account. If you're busy we'll just call back in the next half of the year. 


Roadside assistance: Free towing to anywhere as long as you're no further than two miles from your house. Not making this up people. I was stuck in a snowstorm in Georgia in 2010 and they actually said that to me. Two miles?

Cancel this policy please. 


Vehicle Insurance: Ok, because of your move your premium has gone up. Wait, every time I move my payments go up. Where could I move where my payments would go down? Yes, but city and state where you just moved has higher premiums. Wait again, you told me my last city and state were some of the highest in the country. Yes, well, city and state now is higher. True story. Really? Are you sure it's just not the party line? Why don't you have a vanishing deductible or something? Hey, that reminds me. 


Vehicle payments: Excuse me, but the interest paid on my last vehicle payment is different than the month before. Actually, they're all different; I thought I had a FIXED interest rate. You do, but the amount changes. Wait....what?



-My confidence that USAA doesn't have an agenda of becoming the next Bank Of America (with regards to size and service) is nil.

-Start working for all the money you have from the 'members." Apparently you have plenty or I wouldn't see your commercial everyday. 

-Be part of the solution. I get robbed, please don't ask me to send you pictures and receipts of everything that was taken!!!! They took the phone and the computer. Sorry I didn't have a Poloraid back-up plan! And call when there have been changes to the claim. All you do is post a one liner stating, "your claim has now been processed." What's that mean? Can you call and tell me something? 

-USAA has great rates.....they have to. 


If you have rental reimbursement and rent a car from a company other than Enterprise expect to get screwed in the claims reimbursement process and plan on spending a lot of time as well.

Why would you rent from someone other than USAA's supplier, Enterprise, and have them direct bill USAA you ask?  Because you want the extra coverage provided free with most credit cards when you rent a car such as $0 deductibles.


But then try and get reimbursed from USAA for claims. A long process wherein they delay, call you a liar, lose your paperwork, attempt to get your repair shop to pay some of your reimbursement and leave you having to explain to your cc company the fight you are going through to get YOUR money. Ridiculous. USAA is a good buy on insurance, until you have to make a claim.