So I have never actually had an account with USAA. Returning home from my deployment I had discovered my wife (now ex-wife) opened a bunch of accounts under my name without having a power of attorney. One of these accounts was a USAA auto policy that she didn't pay for. She was trying to insure a car under my name and I needed an SR-22 through California because the car was under my name and my license required one. But I already had auto insurance through Geico. So sitting here a few years later I tried getting this issue cleared up through USAA to switch not only my auto insurance but my banking as we'll, but USAA insist I pay an outstanding balance for a policy under my name that I never signed up for, and further more I didn't need because I already had insurance. So USAA would rather turn down my business than work something for an account under my name that I never authorized


I am dealing with terrible cust service right now as well, my ex of 14 years and his wife are showing up on my car insurances and USAA doesn't want to remove them. I am looing at other businesses to take my $$ it's a sad fate, USAA has always been amazing but are dropping the ball a lot!

I hope yours gets resolved quickly!