I am very upset with the service provided it has happened more than once different reasons but this bank is not compassionate has no backbone to their motto definitely do not care about helping with financial needs nor are understanding yes I wish I could just close my accounts but now I am obligated to have my 18 yrs old pay for her parents financial problems does that sound right to yall???


         I don't know what's happened to USAA in the last five years but today was the last straw. I'm canceling BOTH of my insuance policies with them, closing my credit card account, and withdrawing every dime from all six bank accounts and moving on.

        I called THREE times today within a three hour period and spoke with three different representative's trying to get a set APR on an auto loan with you guys and EVERY SINGLE time I got a different answer. Lady #1 gave me a number & some other process details, lady #2 had no idea what lady #1 had told me and gave me a different number and entirely different set of directions, and lady #3 had NO IDEA what ladies #1 & #2 had said and gave me YET ANOTHER NUMBER and BS story! Do you guys have processes for determining APR's and how to go about securing car loans? Do your employee's know what they are? Does anybody know what's going on?!?!?!

       I got so upset I hung up on the poor woman (lady #3)! How could I possibly call three times in three hours and get three completely different answers to the same question?

       I then called back to file a complaint, got transfered three times (apparently "three" is my unlucky number today) and finally ended up with someone to whom I said, "I'd like to file a complaint against your auto loan department," to which she replied, "We don't have a complaint department." <----- ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! WHY DIDN'T THE FIRST PERSON THAT ANSWERED MY CALL TELL ME THAT?!?!

      What happened to you guys? This was, hands down, THE WORST experience I have EVER HAD with any bank i've ever associated with. No one knows what is going on nor do they seem to know what they're doing. Totally disappointed and absolutely done with you. I've been a member for eight years and have slowly watched your customer service degrade and will no longer be a member NOR would I ever recommend USAA to anyone from this point forward.

So wrong in my opinion.  Wondering if I made a mistake by opening a checking/savings account with you guys.  I have a checking account approx. 1 month old and have already "bounced" a check due to the fact that apparently I didn't read the fine print on the Depository agreement regarding putting "holds" on deposits of  new accounts.  


We've just relocated and our old bank ( Chase) doesn't really have any branches nearby, but neither does USAA. Since USAA is military minded, I switched. 


Wrote out  our rent check  thinking all was fine.  But, lo and behold, there had been a "hold" placed on a $400 money order (guaranteed funds I might add) deposit I made at a UPS store.    So, before my rent check was presented for payment from my apartment complex, I called USAA and practically begged them to please honor two payments, my rent and my car payment.  I had the money to cover it, but not with the "hold".   So, the car payment cleared, but to my chagrin, the rent check bounced.  I just got off the phone with the Property Manager and she is being gracious enough to waive the $50 NSF fee that is usually charged in this instance.  But not USAA, I bounce a check AND have to pay them ( deducted immediately from the account I might add) a $29.00 fee. 


I understand it may be my fault for not reading the fine print of the depository agreement, but once I noticed it and called it to their attention that my deposit at the UPS store was in the form of a money order and guaranteed funds,  I had hoped they would of honored the check upon presentation.  Not so. 


I've decided to not close my Chase account... actually, called them and they were more than happy to upgrade my old account and I have overdraft protection... but that wasn't even the scenario......



We would certainly like to hear more details about your experience and apologize for the inconsistencies you experienced. If you could please send us a message here and include the best way to contact you, we will have someone reach out to your shortly. I again apologize for the poor service you received. We look forward to hearing from you in hopes we can find a resolution to this matter. Thank you.


What a frustrating situation. We would like to get a specialist to look into your deposit and see what can be done. Can you please message us here with the best way to contact you? Thank you.

You're not alone.  I've been with this bank for over 15 years.  Slowly seen a decline in thier products and services. I am more than willing to pay more in insurance premiums and deposit my money with a bank that is responsive and actually cares about fixing customers' issues vice putting it back on them.  Once I figure out this current situation I am closing it all out and ending this 15 year relationship.  Time to move on....I think Credit Unions are probably the answer.

I also deposited a money order...on the advice of a USAA customer service representative because there are no ATM's near. Well they put a 5 day hold on my funds...can we say ridiculous. As you stated it is guaranteed funds...and I could go on line and see the money order! I am sorry in this day and age of electronics there is absolutely no reason to put a 5 day hold on anything!!! I just switched my direct deposit over to them...and after the fact a customer service rep tells me they only put up to a 3 day hold on those funds...I really really hope she is mistaken and there is no hold on my direct deposit funds...I am switching back to Chase after reading all this...they only put holds on personal checks!!!  

I have had a claim in since April 2014. I call many of contractor to come and do the job. Finally I had 3 to come out. I chose the lower price. 1. After getting a contractor to come out and to do bid I sent it in to USAA . USAA stated that it was to high 2. USAA sent out adjuster to do bid the estimate a couple of months later which was lower than contractor could do it 3. USAA wanted contractor to do supplment bid and he did 4. USAA still refuse to pay what contractor is asking 5. USAA is now asking contractor to redo the estimate again The roof has been damage since April and has a tarp a temp cover on it. In the mean time I'm sure mold has form in the ceiling. The damage has gotten worst I sent in picture with the vent leaking, door frame above closet leaking, also water bubbles over light fixture,celiling leaking in a few different places, with floor full of water. Still want contractor to do more estimate. I ask therm to send another adjuster out as well as a contractor to do the job. No Help Yet I ask USAA to send some one dirt cheap to do the job since I can't find some one. The excuse of still needing estimate is a bit much. I pay insurance to get thing fix if it bad. I have my family in danger due to mold, due to the ceiling may collapse,due to water running down the wall over light fixture

USAA, I've been a member over 25 years and will NEVER recommend your products or services to a friend and/or family member. Are you kidding me the worst customer service EVER!! Stop your silly commercials and pay raises to staff and HIRE MORE PEOPLE to answer your phone. And please stop saying "Sorry" as an exuse for blowing off your members!!

YES YES YES, USAA has gone downhill soo quickly it's really sad... I started the process of transfering all of my banking to another bank and will most likely do so now.  Just tired of it all.  Stop spending our money on advertising, and hire people...