For further clarification I am also running Windows 7.  I am quite computer literate and do not mind doing upgrades on either desktops or to a limited degree on notebooks.  I maintain my own secure home network but do get IT professionals to assist with the office network.  I was specifically referring to the problem with trying to make deposits to brokerage accounts and had to spend quite some time with support services who were extremely polite and accomodating but ultimately ineffective in solving the issue because of a fundamental flaw in the site.  In the past I was able to link my non-USAA business checking account and personal checking account to make deposits directly to the appropriate USAA brokerage accounts.  Now however that is not possible and the only way to do so is to either call USAA and give the routing and account number to an agent at USAA each time or I can go to my local bank and set up a direct access somehow by linking the USAA accounts to the local bank.  I can still move money between USAA accounts and I can link the checking accounts to pay insurance and credit card bills but a major convenience toward making regular investment deposits has been lost on the new website.  This was confirmed by the agent I was dealing with who in turn had to contact his supervisors for more information.  There is no immediate work around available other than having to call USAA during business hours to manually arrange deposits as above.