Today I had to drop my truck off to get fixed after getting hit. The other guys insurance is paying for all the damages and was supposed to pay for our rental car. We were having a hard time getting a hold of them and had to put off getting our truck fixed once because of it. We finally dropped it off, but didn't have a vehicle to get back and forth in and it was 2 hours prior to us leaving work and the truck still wasn't fixed and we still didn't have a rental car. I called the other insurance company and made it all the way to the managers, but they have 2 hrs to call you back and that wasn't going to work. So I called the claims customer service of USAA and they were able to get in touch with the other insurance company and within minutes I had a rental car. My insurance company helped me get home to see my son while my truck was in the shop. Go USAA!


I'm so glad we were able to help! We hope everyone is okay and that the damage wasn't too bad. Drop us a line if there's anything else we can do to help.