Amazingly I'm hearing about a great new program offered by one of USAA's competitors; Automatic Savings Transfers. USAA has had this service for years now, and has helped me save enough for my Emergency Savings Plan. USAA is continuously improving their services and website. Thanks USAA for taking care of our Active Duty Military and Retiree's.


I hear postive and negative comments regarding other financial institutions. Some of the products and services offered may not be comparable to USAA yet.  With the ever-expanding programs to save money efficiently, I am suggesting to USAA that they enroll or set up a program just like Bank of America's "Keep the Change Savings Program".


Not only do I believe this might help USAA members save every penny little-by-little, but it would increase your savings quicker without even noticing the small deductions. This might be beneficial to those memebers who manually make the transactions, as well as to the persons who normally like to round their current bills and purchases to the nearest dollars. 

Although I cannot mention names, financial institutions that offer little-by-little savings are very often spider-webbed with "FINE print" minimums, per month surcharges, etc. I have found the best way to put away money that is truly meant to be savings is: U. S. Savings Bonds. Why? Check out purchase price $50, $100.00 face value, hold for a few years, or more than three months...and you have a negotiable investment worth more after waiting than any savings instrument I have researched REALLY offers. (Sorry about the caps, but it took me a LONG time to research this.)