So on 10/15/2012 I accidentally side swept a van at the grocery store while parking. Before said incident our insurance with renters, was 174$ on 5/18/13 our insurance went up to 237$ without notice. I never received any information telling me it was going up, a new statement, policy, anything. It just DID. When I called they told me it was from the accident. Okay fine whatever, I was never given any details about what exactly made it go up that much more what was paid to whom for the damage or anything( not even sure if I'm supposed to) so basically I'm just blindly paying 237$ a month because they said so... And I'm trying to figure out when it might go back down? How freaking long am I gonna have to pay that much more for a simple dent I could have popped out myself?! It now being 2/20/2014