Auto Glass Repair Not as Smooth a Process and it Seems!!!!

Called USAA/Safelite Auto Glass Claim service and set up a "inshop repair" for this morning (Saturday 8/10).  All seemed good, had the confirmation email ready as I stepped to the service desk at the local Safelite.   Except they knew nothing of my appointment/confirmation email meant nothing to them, I got you need to call USAA and have them send (email) the work order to us and since I was not in the system I would have to wait until next available timeslot.  Since I had things scheduled (Cubscout Lego Car Race) that was not an option.


Note:  Safelite service desk said "USAA has had problems with this process, and had there number ready for me to call" not a new issue/problem.


I left and called the Glass Repair line again and after verifying all my claim information (again) I was given an option of another appt this afternoon (see CS Lego Race) or next week or mobile service next week.  That would all be OK except for work (at a secure facility so no mobile work there) and kid schedules so now time to take off from work and either find somebody to watch my sons or drag them into the Safelite.


Anyway, follow all the procedures but make sure you call in advance to make sure you are in the system.


To be fair, second chance went smoothly and quickly...hopefully IT issue has been resolved that ensures work order quickly sent to Safelite.